Driving while on the phone or while texting is a huge no-no. As it stands there are cameras that can catch drivers who ignore red lights and also cameras that can catch drivers who are speeding. However what about drivers who are texting? Turns out that these drivers may soon not be able to escape the law.


Over in Australia, law enforcement have announced their plans to install hi-tech cameras that can detect when drivers are on their phone while driving. These cameras can then be used to automatically issue fines, thus deterring drivers from trying to sneakily use their phones even if there are no police in sight.

As it stands over in Australia, police use line of sight, long-ranged cameras, and helmet cameras worn by motorcycle police as means to catch drivers who are using their phones while driving, and this new camera technology is expected to eventually replace that. According to NSW Police Highway Patrol boss, Assistant Commissioner Mick Corboy, “So the way we are going to defeat this is by video evidence, by photographic evidence and we are looking at everything possible around the world at the moment and we think we’ll get something in place fairly quickly.”

The system has so far been trialed in Melbourne in the state of Victoria and will be tested out in New South Wales.

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