It was only last year that Capcom announced and launched Puzzle Fighter on mobile devices. However it seems that only less than a year later, the company will be shutting the game down. In a post on Capcom’s blog, the company announced that they will be sunsetting the game come 31st of July.


The game will no longer be available from app stores starting on the 1st of July. However this means that gamers who already have the game will be able to continue playing it, at least until the 31st of July where the game’s servers will be shut down which means from then onwards it will no longer be playable. To make it up to players who will miss the game, Capcom will be giving users 10,000 gems which is the game’s in-game currency.

According to Capcom, “We are also making upcoming characters (Regina, Dr. Wily and Ada Wong) and stages (Darminor and Uroboros Laboratory) available for free for fans to enjoy up until this time. Regina and Dr. Wily will be available in-game later today, while Ada Wong and the new stages will be released on Monday April 23.”

Capcom claims that they will instead be shifting their focus from Puzzle Fighter to Dead Rising, which is the reason why they are shutting it down. It is a bit of a pity especially if you enjoyed the original game from back in the day. However if you are a Dead Rising fan then hopefully this shift of focus will make the game better.

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