Facebook does not only provide a way for friends to stay in touch with each other. It also allows companies to reach out to their customers, and also for charity organizations to raise awareness and also funding, which Facebook has released fundraising tools in the past. In a recent post on its website, Facebook has since announced new fundraising initiatives.


One of those news tools is for people to match donations to nonprofit fundraising. According to Facebook, “People often pledge to match donations to their Facebook Fundraisers, and we wanted to make that easier. David Smith lost his sister in a car accident in 2013, and this year for his birthday, he started a fundraiser for Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD). He told family and friends that if he could raise $100, he would match their contribution. People rallied around the cause and raised $2,360 — more than 10x his original goal.”

Facebook has also added more categories for fundraising in the event that what’s available now does not cover their needs. “Based on feedback from our community, we’re adding fundraiser categories for family (like adoption or new baby supplies), faith (like missions or religious community events), travel (like educational trips or travel for medical needs), and volunteering (like volunteer programs or supplies) causes.”

These changes should already be live so if you are looking to start a fundraiser, then head on over to Facebook’s fundraising page for the details.

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