For companies such as Apple and Samsung, it makes sense for them to develop their own chipset. However Facebook, a company known for being a social network, it does seem a bit odd that developing their own chipsets is something they might be interested in, but that’s what a report from Bloomberg seems to suggest.

According to the report, apparently Facebook is assembling a team to design its own semiconductors. This is based on a job listing that calls for a manager for “end-to-end SoC/ASIC, firmware and driver development organization”. As Bloomberg notes, this would suggest that this effort is still in its early stages.

That being said, it is unclear as to what the goal of this effort is. After all Facebook doesn’t exactly make its own hardware and previous hardware efforts were made with partnerships with other companies, such as their team up with HTC for the HTC First Facebook phone. Could it simply be that Facebook wants to branch out to other forms of generating revenue or could this signal larger plans?

In any case it might be a bit too early to tell what Facebook has planned, assuming the report is true, so do take it with a grain of salt for now.

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