The FCC is a regulatory body in which companies need to have their products and devices approved by them first if they want to sell it stateside. While presumably not by design, the FCC’s database also makes it so that products that have yet to be announced can show up if you know what you’re looking for.

Now thanks to the latest discovery (via 9to5Mac), it seems that the FCC might have accidentally revealed that Apple at some point in time had plans for a gold iPhone X. As it stands the iPhone X is only offered in silver and black, but apparently gold was once considered an option but apparently the yield wasn’t high enough for Apple’s standards.

In 2017 analyst Ming-Chi Kuo wrote, “Furthermore, we estimate that the gold version of the OLED iPhone will encounter some production problems and will initially be available only in extremely low volume. There is even a chance that the gold version will go on sale at a later date than the other versions. However, we believe these shipment delays will have a limited impact on the shares of Apple and its supply chain members.”

It is unclear as to whether or not this listing means that Apple still has plans for a gold iPhone X, or if we’re simply seeing a prototype that might not be launched. Either way what do you guys think of the gold finish? Yay or nay?

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