One of the reasons why Facebook has managed to grow as big as it did is because it is free to use for everyone. However could Facebook be considering a paid/premium version of its service? That’s what seems to be speculated based on a statement that Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg made.


Speaking during his testimony in front of the US Congress, he was asked if Facebook would always remain a “free” product to which he responded by saying, “There will always be a version of Facebook that is free.” This seems to hint that there might be two versions of Facebook in the future, one of which is free and one that isn’t.

This seems to echo what Facebook’s COO Sheryl Sandberg said on NBC’s Today Show where she stated that Facebook does not have a feature that lets users opt out of data collection, and that it might be a paid product if it were ever to happen. “We don’t have an opt-out at the highest level. That would be a paid product.”

That being said, there’s no indication that a paid Facebook is in the works, except to say that maybe the company is at least considering it or are open to the idea. Whether or not we will see such a version launched in the future, if at all, remains to be seen so maybe take it with a grain of salt for now.

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