When the Nintendo Switch was announced, investors in the company expressed their skepticism. The Switch, just like most of Nintendo’s gaming initiatives, was a bit out there in its concept, and given that the Wii U was a huge flop, it’s easy to imagine why they might have been worried.

Needless to say that all those worries are now a thing in the past because according to Nintendo’s latest financials, the Switch has managed to sell 17.8 million units to date. What makes this even more amazing is that Nintendo managed to do all of this within a span of roughly a year, and not only did they surpass the Wii U’s lifetime sales, but it was more than what the Wii U sold in 5 years.

Of course the Switch is still trailing very far behind its predecessor’s predecessor, the Wii, which sold 100 million units in its lifetime. We’re not sure if the Switch will ever be able to reach those numbers, but they could come close. Nintendo has been doing an excellent job of releasing games on the Switch and developers have also been doing their part, meaning that unlike the Wii U, Switch gamers always have a constant stream of games to look forward to.

The Switch has also managed to win accolades such as TIME’s “Top Gadget of 2017”.

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