With a Pokemon RPG for the Nintendo Switch confirmed to be in the works, we’re sure that many are probably wondering what the game will bring to the table. Will this be a brand new game, or could it be a port of existing Pokemon games? According to recent reports, it will be a brand new title that could usher in the 8th generation Pokemon.


This was discovered in a blurb inside of a magazine that said that the Pokemon game for the Switch would introduce a new generation of Pokemon to the franchise rather than revisiting older ones. We suppose this makes sense since the Switch is a brand new console and we’re sure that Nintendo probably wants to get it right, especially with the potential for the Switch to play home to more Pokemon RPGs in the future thanks to its portability.

There have been many rumors about Pokemon for the Switch along with alleged leaks of starter Pokemon. There have also been reports that Nintendo could be looking into releasing DLCs for the game, extending its shelf life and also keeping the game fresh. Unfortunately it has been rather hush-hush with regards to development of the game and apart from it being in the works, nothing else is known about it. Recent speculation has suggested that we might see it later this year, but it’s probably best to take it with a grain of salt.

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