Apple hasn’t really detailed its plans for the self-driving project that it has got going on but the company is steadily increasing the number of resources that it has decided to this project. The company’s fleet of autonomous cars that are out on public roads is gradually increasing and according to a new report, Apple has a total of over 50 autonomous cars on public roads as of now. The number is up from 27 vehicles back in January this year.

It has been confirmed by the Department of Motor Vehicles in California that ever since Apple received a permit to test self-driving cars on public roads in the state, the size of its fleet has gradually grown from 27 in January this year to 55 in May.

Apple has 83 safety drivers taking part in this project who will be supervising the vehicles. The company hasn’t been allowed to test self-driving cars without a human safety driver behind the wheel just yet.

In order to do that Apple will have to apply for a separate permit from the DMV which is what Google’s Waymo self-driving division has done. It wants to start testing its autonomous cars on the road without having a human safety driver in place. The DMV has revealed that another company has applied for a similar permit to test without a human driver but didn’t reveal the name of that company.

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