A sparse report claims that Apple is working on a new device family under the codename “Star,” adding that the device is going to combine technology from both iOS and Mac devices. The company is reportedly testing multiple prototypes and it’s as yet unclear what the form factor of this device is going to be. The report doesn’t contain a lot of details so it’s a bit difficult to fill in the blanks at this point in time.

As per the report, the prototypes being tested include a touchscreen display, GPS, compass, water resistant housing, and SIM card slot. It’s also added that a small batch of these devices have been manufactured by Pegatron, an Apple supplier, and shipped to the company’s HQ in Cupertino.

Since the report doesn’t mention key details such as processor design, form factor, screen size, and whether or not it has a keyboard it’s difficult to predict where this device might fit in Apple’s lineup. There’s speculation, though, that perhaps this device is the much-rumored ARM MacBook that Apple is working on or perhaps it’s a notebook powered by iOS. The report does mention that the device doesn’t run full-fledged iOS or macOS but rather what’s claimed to be a “derivative” of iOS.

It merits mentioning here that since the report is light on the crucial details, it’s important to take this information with a grain of salt for now. Until there’s more concrete evidence to go on, it’s a bit difficult to believe at this point in time that there’s a new family of devices in development over at Apple that are entirely different from its existing lineup.

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