It has been widely reported that Facebook was the preferred medium of choice for foreign actors who wanted to influence the 2016 presidential election in the United States. Facebook has since promised to do more to ensure that something like that doesn’t happen again. It has already taken some concrete steps to prevent the flow of fake news on the world’s largest social network. Facebook has now teamed up with an influential think tank, the Atlantic Council, to fight election meddling on a global scale.

Facebook reiterates that it’s investing significant resources to ensure that its service is not abused during elections anywhere in the world. It’s doubling the number of people that work on safety and security as well as relying on intelligence technologies to block fake accounts and misinformation.

The partnership with the Atlantic Council will help Facebook come up with solutions to hard problems. It will work with experts from the think tank’s Digital Forensic Research Lab to get real-time insights and updates on emerging threats and disinformation campaigns being launched on Facebook from across the globe.

It’s also going to use the Atlantic Council’s Research Unit Monitoring Missions during elections to focus on a particular geographic area and monitor activity for misinformation and foreign interference. The company says that this will effectively increase the number of “eyes and ears” that it has working to spot potential abuse of the Facebook platform, particularly during elections.

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