Kids and teens can often have a pretty rough time on social media networks as issues such as bullying are still prevalent. Countless studies have also shown that unchecked exposure to social media at an early age can even deepen young users’ feelings of inferiority. Facebook wants to be a part of the solution which is why it has now launched a new Youth Portal to provide tips to teens.


Youth Portal has been described by Facebook as a central place for teens through which they can get information on how to get the most out of Pages, Groups, Profile, and Events. They will also get tips on how to stay safe on Facebook and details on the type of data Facebook collects and what it does with it.

They can also access first person accounts from teens across the globe and learn how other people their age are using the technology in new and creative ways. The Youth Portal will provide tips on reporting content, security, and deciding who can see the content they share as well.

Last but not the least, they can even look to the portal for advice on what to do if they feel like they need a break from social media and general guidelines on how to make the most of their time on the internet.

Facebook’s Youth Portal is live now and available in 60 languages at

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