Earlier this year, Google’s Clip camera was launched. For those unfamiliar with the device, it’s basically a digital camera that relies on AI to take photos, where it will try to use AI to determine the right moment to snap a photo. However the only downside is that it was programmed to be used by just one person only.


This means that if you wanted to lend it to someone else, that would not be possible unless you were to unpair it from your device. However the good news is that Google has recently announced that they have heard your requests for Clips to be used by more than one person, and will be issuing an update to allow that.

According to Google, “We’ve also heard from families using Clips that they want to be able to connect the device with more than one phone, so we’re adding family pairing this month, so that more than one family member can connect their phone to the Clips device to view and share content.”

In addition to the ability to be used by more than one person, Google has also announced improvements to the camera, such as being able to be better at detecting motions such as hugs, kisses, jumps, and more. Clips is currently priced at $250 but Google is offering it at a $50 discount for Mother’s Day.

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