Last year high-end camera maker RED announced that they would be getting into the smartphone business with an upcoming handset called the Hydrogen One. It was originally intended for a launch in the first quarter of the year, but that clearly did not happen, and a report from earlier this month revealed that the company had delayed it to make some improvements.

For those who are still considering getting their hands on the phone, the good news is that we might now have a timeframe to look forward to and it is this coming summer. Both AT&T and Verizon have announced that they will be carrying the phone which will be made available in the summer (or in Verizon’s case, “later this year”), but stopped short of actually announcing any details of the phone or specific dates.

If you’re learning about the Hydrogen One for the first time, this will be RED’s attempt at launching a smartphone. RED is a company known for their high-end camera equipment which is used by Hollywood studios to film their movies. It will be interesting to see if they will be able to take that experience and condense it into a smartphone.

Like we said details about the phone are scarce but apparently it will feature a mysterious holographic display and camera capable of recording 3D video. It is also expected to come with a $1,200 price tag, but whether or not it will be worth it remains to be seen.

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