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The disparity in Android updates amongst Android devices is pretty well-known, resulting in a fragmentation of the Android market where the bulk of Android devices are typically running on updates that are a couple of years old. This makes it challenging for developers to try and create apps that run across all versions, but sometimes it cannot be helped.

So much so that Twitter has decided that enough is enough and have launched their own set of emojis to help deal with a small part of the problem. According to a report from Emojipedia, Twitter on Android has launched their own set of emojis which should solve emojis from not displaying properly on Android.

Like we said, the difference in Android versions means that some features work on some but don’t work on others, and emojis are one of those things. Instead of relying on Android, Twitter’s own emojis means that regardless of which version of Android you’re running, you should be able to see the emojis properly displayed.

According to Emojipedia, these new emojis are targeted at users running on Android 7.x and below, which last we checked represents almost half of all Android devices in the market today, so obviously these changes should be useful to more than a few users.

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