A couple of years ago, Walmart announced a partnership with Uber and Lyft in which they would be testing out the idea of using ride-hailing services to delivery groceries. It made sense since Uber already has UberEats, so grocery delivery didn’t really seem like that much of a stretch, but unfortunately it looks like that partnership has come to an end.

According to a report from Reuters, Walmart will apparently be ending their partnerships with both Uber and Lyft as far as grocery deliveries are concerned. It is unclear as to what the reason might be behind the ending of the partnership, but according to a source who works with a delivery company that works for Walmart, “It is incredibly hard to deliver people and packages together. They are two completely different business models.”

Like we said, Uber already delivers food successfully with UberEats, so it is unclear as to why delivering groceries might have been more difficult. It also seems like a rather abrupt end, especially when you consider that it was late last year that Uber and Walmart expanded their delivery areas.

Walmart has since confirmed that their partnerships have ended, but did not dive into any details. Spokeswoman Molly Blakeman also noted that they will continue to offer delivery options but will use other delivery providers and that customers should not notice any difference.

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