So you go on a first date and things go really well, you click with the other person and you can’t wait to see them again. You also probably can’t wait to talk to them again, but is there such a thing as being too enthusiastic? Unfortunately that was the case for a woman in Phoenix, Arizona who sent her date a whopping 65,000 text messages after going on one date.


According to the report, the woman sent the man about 65,000 text messages in the course of 17 months, with as many as 500 in a single day after going out on one date with him, according to the police reports. The prosecutor also revealed threatening text messages from her which reads, “Don’t ever try to leave me. I’ll kill you. I don’t wanna be a murderer.”

She also threatened to kill him if he left her, and would “wear his body parts” and “bathe in his blood”. At some point when the man was out of town, she even broke into his home and took a bath in his tub, where he called the police who showed up and discovered that she had a large butcher knife in the front seat of her car.

She was subsequently charged for felony trespassing and when she failed to appear in court, a warrant was issued for her arrest. She was later arrested after she showed up at the man’s business and claimed to be his wife. It was also later discovered she used to stay in Florida but moved to Arizona after meeting the man. Speaking to reporters from jail, the woman said, “I told him that if he ever blocked me on this app, that I would come move here. And he blocked me, so I came here.”

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