There are probably many out there who after seeing Doctor Octopus or Spider-Man’s latest suit in Avengers: Infinity War, wouldn’t mind two extra pairs of hands to help them do things. In the case of a 10-year old boy, it seems that his wish came true as he is the recipient of a working Doctor Octopus-like exoskeleton.


Featured in CNET’s What The Future episode, this exoskeleton was created by inventor Erik Finman (not to be confused with the bitcoin investor) and features four working arms that have been 3D printed. Finman created this exoskeleton for the boy, who is a family friend and who has hypermobility issues. The boy said that some of his problems could be solved if he had such a suit, which is what Finman created for him.

We’re not sure 100% sure what the suit is capable of, but the arms move and are controlled by buttons in his palm and it looks pretty damn cool. It also weighs about 12 pounds which means that it isn’t too heavy for a 10-year old to be lugging around. Finman says that a larger adult-sized version of the suit could be easily made, one that could be strong enough to lift a car.

He also suggests that cameras could be installed into the arms, which when combined with Google Vision will help the arms identify objects and reach them on their own.

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