Apple’s digital assistant Siri has been around for a while now, but in case you’re not a fan of Siri and would like to use a different digital assistant, you’ll be pleased to learn that Amazon’s Alexa app on iOS has finally gotten full voice control. This means that users will actually be able to use their voice to control it.

Prior to this voice control functionality was limited to its Android app, but if you recall Amazon promised its users that the voice control feature would eventually be rolled out to iOS users as well. However the bad news is that in case it wasn’t already obvious, you will need to launch the Alexa app to use it.

This means that unlike Siri which can be accessed anywhere and anytime on the iPhone, Alexa will require you to unlock your phone and launch the app which are additional steps. This isn’t surprising since we doubt that Apple would allow any other digital assistant to usurp Siri’s role in iOS, but if you’re adamant about using Alexa, maybe to control some of your smart home devices, then we guess this is what you’ll have to get used to.

However the Alexa app will provide users with pretty much all the functionality you might expect from it, such as asking it questions, listen to music, access Alexa skills, and so on.

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