Last year Amazon announced the Echo Look. This is a camera that can analyze your outfit, rating your daily look, and offer advice from fashion specialists, thanks to the use of algorithms and machine learning. However the Echo Look was limited to those who were invited by Amazon to test it out, at least until now.

Amazon has since announced that the Echo Look will now be available to all of their customers in the US. This means that if you wouldn’t mind the Echo and Alexa scan your daily outfits and provide you with fashion tips and advice, the Echo Look is now available for purchase on Amazon’s website where it will be priced at $200.

According to Linda Ranz, Director of Echo Product Management at Amazon, “Like a trustworthy best friend, Alexa helps you nail your look every time—with Echo Look, she can give advice on which of two outfits looks best, offer personalized recommendations on items that pair well with clothes you already own, create your personal lookbook, keep your closet organized, and much more.”

Even if you don’t necessarily want to take advantage of its fashion features everyday, the Echo Look still functions like an Echo device at the end of the day, and will be able to use Alexa and all the skills that Alexa is capable of right now. This ranges from being able to order a pizza, call for an Uber, control your smart home appliances and smart locks, and more.

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