At WWDC 2018, Apple unveiled their digital wellness initiative which is basically Apple’s way of helping users reduce the amount of time they spend on their phones. However it seems that late night talk show host Conan O’Brien has decided to create a parody of Apple’s plans, resulting in a hilarious device called the iPhone Basic. If you have a minute or so to spare, then it could be worth checking out in the video above.


For those learning about Apple’s plans for the first time, basically Apple announced that with iOS 12, they would be including new features and tools to help users manage their screen time. For example users could set a time limit on how many minutes/hours they can spend on a particular app a day, and when that time limit is maxed out, they will be reminded.

They can also check a graph that shows how long they’ve spent on certain apps, and how it compares to the week before so that they can track their progress. It is also to help parents manage the screentime of their kids, where parents can create “down time” to lets kids know which apps they should not open while down time is active, such as on a school night or when it’s close to exam season.

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