According to various reports, we have heard how some countries are allegedly resorting to cyber attacks to meddle with the elections in other countries. We’ve heard reports about this in the US, the UK, and France where leading up to the elections, there has been a flood of fake news that attempts to spread propaganda.


Perhaps learning from those instances, it appears that Australia is preparing themselves against similar attacks and have formed a security task force that will help to safeguard elections from cyber attacks. Dubbed the Electoral Integrity Task Force, this task force will identify and address potential risks to Australia’s electoral process.

In a statement made by a Department of Home Affairs spokesperson to Reuters, “This is a precautionary measure, which in the age of increasing levels of cyber-enabled interference and disruption, will need to become the norm.” It has also been pointed out that this isn’t in response to any specific threat or action, but will instead be a precautionary measure.

In the meantime companies like Facebook and Twitter have in the past been blamed for allowing fake news to spread and be propagated, although to their credit both companies have come up with tools and measures to help prevent and report such incidents.

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