If you’ve noticed, Facebook has this Memories feature where depending on the day, they will resurface an old photo/video/post at the top of your News Feed that you shared on the same day a year or a few years ago. This is a great way to reminisce with friends and family, but what if you wanted to revisit those memories?

The good news is that Facebook has now created a dedicated space in which you can access all Memories in one place. Prior to this once you’ve missed the post, you wouldn’t be able to find it again which we imagine was quite frustrating for some users, so hopefully this dedicated space solves that problem, or at least one of the problems.

Exactly how far back these memories go will depend on how long you’ve been using Facebook, and also how frequently you’ve been posting. Obviously if you’ve made a lot of posts over the years, then chances are you’ll have more of these memories to go through. It will also show posts that you have been tagged in. If you’re interested in seeing all these Facebook Memories, then head on over to the dedicated page here. Alternatively you’ll be able to find the Memories tab on the side of Facebook on the desktop, or under the “More” section on the Facebook app.

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