Google confirmed at its I/O 2018 developers’ conference last month that Assistant will soon be able to tap into more food delivery and restaurant services to enable users to order stuff from more places with just their voice commands. It’s following through on that by rolling out the ability to order from Starbucks, Applebee’s, and Dunkin’ Donuts via Google Assistant on all Assistant-enabled devices.

The Assistant actions for these relevant chains will let users place their order using voice commands and then pick it up from the store. Starbucks already allows mobile ordering in the same manner through its own app as well.

Users can get started by telling Assistant that they want to “talk to Starbucks,” or Applebee’s/Dunkin’ Donuts. For Starbucks, users will have to link to their Starbucks account and select a payment method before they can start ordering.

The action will then find the Starbucks nearest to the user’s location and ask if they want to pick up their order from there. Users can choose a Starbucks in a different location as well. The Dunkin’ Donuts action works in a similar manner.

The Applebee’s action will allow users to order their meal through Assistant and then have it delivered to them as well. They will need to connect to an Applebee’s account first. All of these actions are available on any device that Google Assistant is supported on.

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