Google Maps Go was the first major service to get its own Progressive Web App and the company has now updated the Google Photos site to double as a Progressive Web App as well. It’s the second major Google service that has received its own lightweight web app since December last year. Google will likely launch similar web apps for other services down the line as Progressive Web Apps can now be installed on Chrome for both Android and desktop.

Now that can double as a Progressive Web App, users can add it to their home screen on Android or to their desktop if they’re using Chrome on their computer. Chrome 67 enables PWAs by default so the option to do that will appear on supported websites by itself.

As far as functionality is concerned, the Google Photos PWA doesn’t appear to have specific features such as push notifications and offline support. It merely functions as a link to the Google Photos website right now but it’s possible that Google might add more functionality to the Progressive Web App for Google Photos in future updates.

A full-fledged Google Photos PWA will ideally enable users to upload photos directly from Android apps and perhaps provide notifications for automated creations as well.

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