One of the supposed “revolutionary” features introduced in the iPhone 6s is 3D Touch. It was supposed to be a new way for users to interact with their phones beyond just pressing on the display. However it’s safe to say that 3D Touch was not as well-received compared to other iPhone features, but according to UX engineer Eliz Kılıç, she has an idea on how to fix it.


In a post on Medium, Kılıç points out that one of the problems with 3D Touch is that it’s not always obvious that it’s there. This is because all the buttons and app icons look the same regardless of whether 3D Touch support is offered or not. She suggests that visually distinguishing 3D Touchable buttons could be one way to encourage users to adopt the feature, like in the screenshot to the right that shows markings on buttons that indicate that 3D Touch is supported.

This means that when users see the markings, they know that 3D Touch is supported and they can check it out to see what kind of peek/pop features they can use with it. Right now it’s pretty much a guessing game where users don’t know if the app they’re using supports the feature, and having to go through every single app seems rather inefficient.

As Kılıç succinctly points out, “What would happen if we decide to make all links same color and style as the regular text? People would not know what to click on right? Why is 3D Touch be any different? We rely on our vision to decide actionability before anything else. If you can’t distinguish 3D Touchable buttons from those that are not, how are you supposed to know you can press on them?”

That being said, whether or not Apple takes up her suggestion is anyone’s guess, but we’re sure that many can probably agree that 3D Touch could stand to be improved upon.

Image credit – Eliz Kılıç

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