Updates are usually seen as good things as they are expected to bring about improvements and new features. However sometimes they can go wrong and end up causing more trouble. Now it has been a couple of weeks since Apple released iOS 11.4 but it seems that iPhone users are claiming that the update has resulted in their iPhones draining battery rapidly.

According to one user who posted on Apple’s official forums, “I have the same issue with my 6S+. It was fine before the update. And my battery health is at 90% yet I just watched my battery % drop from 50% to 20% in a matter of minutes while not using it. I’ve looked through all the settings and can’t see anything I’ve previously had turned off turn back on with this new update in regards to saving battery life. Whatever it is that’s causing it they need to fix it ASAP.”

It appears that this user isn’t alone as subsequent posts have revealed that there are other users who are also experiencing rapid battery drain following the update. This is not the first time that we’re hearing about Apple’s iOS updates causing battery drain and it’s concerning that this seems to happen more frequently than it should.

Apple has yet to officially comment on the issue and whether or not it could be due to a bug or something else, but are there are any of our readers experiencing this rapid drain following the update to iOS 11.4?

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