Qualcomm and Apple are currently embroiled in a legal battle against each other. However it seems that Apple’s customers are looking to rally against Qualcomm as a group of them have filed a class-action lawsuit against Qualcomm, accusing the company of antitrust violations and are asking trying to persuade the judge to prevent any iPhone import bans.


According to the lawsuit, the consumers argue that an import ban “would freeze out Intel’s nascent challenge to Qualcomm’s illegal monopoly, and that it would also “ injure competition in a market already suffering from Qualcomm’s anticompetitive behavior”. Injunctions requests are pretty common in such cases, as we have seen in the past when Apple and Samsung were battling it out against each other.

As it stands Apple is currently sourcing from both Intel and Qualcomm for certain iPhone components, and we have also heard that Apple is hoping to shift more towards Intel’s components to reduce their reliance on Qualcomm. That being said, whether or not the judge will grant the request of these consumers remains to be seen.

However on Qualcomm’s end, the company argues that they don’t have a monopoly and that they are entitled to compensation for the resources that they’ve invested into their technology.

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