Game streaming services have been around for a while, but they haven’t really quite caught on just yet as clearly many consumers seem to prefer buying their games as opposed to subscribing to such services. However it looks like Microsoft could be trying their hand at such a service anyway.

Announced on its Xbox website, it seems that Microsoft is developing its own game streaming service. “Microsoft also introduced new innovations to push digital gaming forward, including FastStart, an innovation from Microsoft’s Machine Learning Team, and plans from Microsoft’s Gaming Cloud Team to develop a game streaming service to unlock console-quality gaming on any device.”

Details are a bit scarce at this point in time, but given the wording it sounds like this means that gamers will be able to enjoy Xbox One games on any device, such as their computers, tablets, smartphones, or maybe even on other consoles. More recently we’ve seen how companies such as Capcom are using game streaming to bring games onto the Nintendo Switch with Resident Evil 7.

We’ve also seen Valve launch its Steam Link app which isn’t really a game streaming service, but functions in a similar way where it allows gamers to stream their games on their computers to their phones. No telling when this game streaming service will be launched, but we’ll keep our eyes peeled.

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