Back in the day if you wanted to play a game, you had to make sure that your hardware was good enough to run it. It is still true these days, but companies have been working to come up with ways around that, such as through game streaming where a game is loaded onto a computer that can run it, and then streamed to another device.

For those who are interested in such tech, you might be interested to learn that Valve has launched a new app called Steam Link. This is not to be confused with the $50 Steam Link device, but in practice they both more or less do the same thing. The app will stream games from your computer onto any device that supports it, such as phones.

This means that you could load a game up on your computer and then stream it onto your mobile device. Gamers can even use the Steam Controller to control their games. However this isn’t as simple as it seems as there are some hardware requirements. For starters those on WiFi will need to have a 5GHz WiFi connection.

There is option for ethernet but given that our phones do not come with ethernet ports, this means that WiFi is the only way to go about it. However if you do have the necessary equipment, then do keep an eye out for the app’s launch which should be towards the end of the month.

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