Throughout the year there are many DotA 2 tournaments being held, with many of them offering up money to the winners. However the main tournament that many professional teams are looking forward to would be the annual “The International” tournament whose prize money is worth millions.

Unfortunately for one team, Peru’s Thunder Predator, it seems that their hopes at winning the $15 million prize pool this year has been dashed. According to a report from Motherboard, Valve has disqualified the team after it had been discovered that one of the team’s players was using an “illegal” off-the-shelf gaming mouse during a qualifying match.

What happened was that those who watched the match discovered that one of the players, Atun, seemed to be moving his character and its clones at an impossible speed, leading them to cry foul and accuse Atun of using “cheats” in the form of macros. Thunder Predator has denied these accusations and claimed that this was done using a mouse (a Razer Synapse mouse). However according to FACEIT, the organization that helps run these tournaments, they claim that using a programmable mouse is the equivalent to running software scripts.

Unsurprisingly Thunder Predator disagrees with that ruling and responded by saying, “We denounce this accusation, stating that at no time, our player ‘Atún’ use any type of hack or particular program that facilitated his game mode before the match, yesterday, with the team of SG.”

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