Mozilla is a company that many are probably familiar with as they are the developers behind the popular Firefox browser. However it seems that the company is looking to develop a new browser with an interesting key feature – it can be controlled using just the user’s voice. This was revealed at a meeting that took place in San Francisco.


Dubbed “Scout”, this is a new browser the company is currently developing. According to Mozilla, “With the Scout app, we start to explore browsing and consuming content with voice.” One of the sample commands that Mozilla showed off included, “Hey Scout, read me the article about polar bears.”

It is an interesting concept although we have to wonder about how popular it could get. The problem with voice recognition now is that it can be a bit slow to parse the commands, which means that it might actually be faster to type out your queries. Also there is the issue of being able to understand natural language, accents, and so on, all of which if not done right will end up being a frustrating experience.

However the upside is that it would definitely stand out amongst the competition. It would also make it more accessible to users who might have difficulty typing. No word on when we might see the release of this browser, but Mozilla states that it is an “early-stage project”, hinting that it could be a while.

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