Communication is important amongst gamers, especially in team-based games. This is why apps such as Discord have flourished where it comes with extensive tools and features that allow gamers to keep in touch with each other especially in the game itself. However it seems that Valve doesn’t want Discord to have all the fun.

In an announcement on its website, Valve has announced a bunch of new Steam Chat features that will be available in an open beta. According to Valve, these new features include an updated Friends List. “The friends list now has a customizable favorites section at the top, for quick access to the people, groups, and chats you care about most. You’ll also see in-game friends at the top of your list, grouped together by game or even by party, making it easier to join in, or just to see which games are popular among friends.”

There will also be support for group chats which lets users drag and drop their friends into the window to create a group chat. These chats can be saved so that they can be revisited later. There are also some Discord-like features, such as adding text channels, voice channels, and so on.

Valve has also announced that they have overhauled the voice chat system where it will now be a more seamless one-click experience. For those who are interested in these features and would like to take part in the open beta, head on over to the Steam website for the details.

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