E3 2018 is coming up on us soon and it is expected that Nintendo has some news to share with us, one of which is that Fortnite Battle Royale will be coming onto the Nintendo Switch. Nintendo has yet to officially confirm it but so far there is mounting evidence that the game will indeed be launched on the console.

Now the latest evidence comes from Nintendo themselves in which according to Fortnite update data loaded onto Nintendo’s CDN, it all but confirms that the game will be coming onto the Switch. Of course an official announcement would be nice, but this comes pretty close we expect we should have all the details in a couple of weeks.

While Fortnite has been out for a while now, the launch of the game on mobile has helped make it even more popular than ever as it allowed gamers to play on the go. It has reportedly made millions just from its iOS launch alone, and we imagine that when it eventually finds its way onto Android (this summer), it should have the same effect.

It also helps that the game does have cross-platform support which allows gamers to play with other games on other consoles. In any case check back with us during E3 2018 for the official details if there are any to be had.

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