A report earlier last month suggested that Fortnite would be coming to the Nintendo Switch. Earlier a photo leaked which revealed Nintendo’s possible announcements for E3 2018, in which Fortnite was once again listed. In case it wasn’t all but confirmed, South Korea’s ratings board has revealed that Fortnite will indeed be coming to the Switch.

Given that games need to be submitted to the ratings board for approval and a subsequent audience rating, this is as official as it gets until Nintendo announces it themselves. E3 2018 is scheduled to take place later this month and we expect that the announcement will also confirm its release date, which hopefully won’t be too long.

So far Fortnite has found its way onto pretty much every available platform, where earlier this year it launched on mobile. The game’s launch has proven to be a huge success where it pulled in millions from its iOS launch alone. The game is scheduled to launch on Android this summer so it will be interesting to see if the Switch launch will be at the same time, earlier, or (hopefully not) later.

Also there is the question of cross-platform play where hopefully it will be supported, although given that Nintendo did not hold back on cross-platform play for games like Minecraft and Rocket League, hopefully Fortnite won’t be an issue.

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