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Earlier today a report revealed that Uber could be getting into scooter game but it seems that’s not all they’re planning to get into. In a new report from Axios, it seems that Uber is also interested in the bike-share market and could be looking to make a takeover offer to Motivate, the company behind the likes of the CitiBike and Ford’s GoBike.

What’s interesting is that it appears that Uber and Lyft’s paths are traveling down the same route. There were rumors that Lyft was getting into the scooter game and according to a report from earlier this month, Lyft was also apparently close to finalizing a deal with Motivate as well to acquire the company for $250 million or more.

It is unclear how much Uber is expected to offer Motivate, but presumably it should be competitive enough to allow them to consider moving away from Lyft’s deal to Uber’s deal. However this acquisition makes sense for Uber who has recently bought Jump, a company that currently has an exclusive permit to run a dockless bike sharing system in San Francisco.

Uber has declined to comment on the report from Axios so we’ll just have to wait and see how this one pans out.

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