When you receive emails that have been forwarded, generally they contain the word “FWD” in the email subject, unless the sender has bothered to edit it. However when it comes to text messages, there’s no way of telling if a message has been forward or if the user has actually typed it out themselves.

However according to a report from Gadgets 360, it seems that WhatsApp is currently testing out labeling forwarded messages. As you can see in the screenshot above, messages that have been forwarded are now clearly labeled as such. There are many reasons why such messages should be labeled, such as identifying potential spam messages and so that users won’t mistake that the person who sent it was the originator of the message.

That being said, the feature appears to be part of the WhatsApp beta for Android which means that if you’re not taking part in the beta or if you’re using the iOS version of WhatsApp, then you won’t see it. No word on when the feature will be released but it could take a while. We have seen many WhatsApp features that are part of the beta in the past that have yet to make the public release, so we’ll just have to remain patient for now.

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