One of the features that comes with Google Home is the ability to recognize certain voices. This is done in order to prevent chaos. For example there are only certain commands that can be activated if the recognized voice is used, such as adding items to a grocery list. However there are also some commands that don’t require any voice recognition.

YouTube control is one of those commands, but not for long because according to a post on Reddit, Redditor Hey_Papito noticed what appeared to be a new option for Google Home in the Settings app. Redditor Jontu_Kontar later shared a screenshot in which it revealed that option to be “Disable YouTube for guests”.

While we can’t confirm exactly what it does, the description is pretty clear in which when enabled, this effectively disables guests from controlling various YouTube features via Google Home. This includes YouTube, YouTube Music, and YouTube TV. This means that if you don’t want your guests to mess around with YouTube (which could come in handy for store demos, for example), then this feature will allow users to do that.

Of course it will require that users set up Voice Match first to register recognized voices. That being said, the feature does not appear to be available to all users yet so it could be in testing, so don’t worry if you don’t see the option on your phone yet.

Image credit – Jontu_Kontar/Reddit

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