If you think that the three rear cameras on the Huawei P20 Pro are excessive, wait till you hear what Light is up to. Light, the company that made the bonkers L16 camera, is now working on a smartphone with multiple cameras. The Washington Post reports that the company has developed a prototype smartphone that has five to nine cameras capable of capturing a 64 megapixel picture.

It seems that the company has been able to pack this ridiculous camera system in a body that’s not much thicker than the iPhone X, according to the scribe, which also says that the device as additional sensors to aid with low-light performance and provide depth effects.

Light’s L16 camera costs $1,950 and it was announced in 2015. The company started shipping it last year. The L16 has 16 camera lenses and can capture 52 megapixel images. It’s not a hefty camera, you can carry the L16 in your pocket.

It’s truly interesting to see what Light is trying to achieve here but it remains to be seen though if it can actually be delivered as a consumer product. No further information is available about this smartphone so far and if it’s ever released, one can imagine that it will be powered by Android.

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