Mood Light Bulbs

If you’re tired of the drab, white-colored walls that surround your bedroom and you’re thinking of spicing it up, there are a few ways you can go about it. There’s the labor intensive process of getting the job done with a paintbrush and cans of paint, or you could drag in some interesting looking furniture to make the room look better. Or you could get one of these Mood Light Bulbs from artist Felicia Renaud.

These unique light bulbs will turn the plain white walls of your room into works of art. Specially hand-painted with different designs, you can get the effect of rainbows on your walls, a cloudy sky or even fiery flames if you’re into that. It won’t be bright enough to be the main light for your room, but when it’s dark at night, or you have all your shutters drawn in the day time, it will definitely create a whole new atmosphere in your bed room.

Once the light bulbs die out, you don’t have to even throw them away – you can simply use them as ornaments hanging from Christmas trees or wherever you can place them around the house. The bulbs themselves are pretty little things. The Mood Light Bulbs are available now for $18.00 each at

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