If you’re looking for a hi-tech way to lose weight, there are many options out there. For example many an Apple Watch owner have attributed the device to helping them lose weight. There are also other fitness trackers and apps designed to help users track their diets, exercise, and so on.


However if none of these solutions have worked for you so far, perhaps the Lumen could be worth taking a look at. Launching on Indiegogo, the Lumen is a tiny device that measures your breath, and based on the information it will then help you with your diet, letting you know what kind of food and nutrients you will need in order to meet your goal.

How does this work? This works by measuring the carbon dioxide levels in your breath. Also known as the Respiratory Quotient, basically the Lumen measures how much CO2 you are burning. Based on the number, it can determine your carb intake levels and also fat burning levels.

It will also then be able to recommend you your diet for the day, such as whether you might be in need of more carbs, or if you’ve already had enough for today. This is an interesting device, although whether or not it will be effective remains to be seen. However if you think you’re up to taking the risk of backing an Indiegogo project, then head on over to its website for the details.

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