Apple recently refreshed the MacBook Pro and it has been noted that the keyboard on the new models are somewhat quieter than they were on their predecessors. There has been no shortage of complaints about the mechanical issues with the previous iteration’s keyboard and Apple itself recently acknowledged the issues and launched a repair program. The company has made some minor changes to the keyboard in the new MacBook Pro which may do a better job of repelling dust.

The folks over at iFixit did a teardown of the new 15 inch MacBook Pro keyboard and found that it has a silicone membrane underneath each individual key to ensure that dust and other particles such as crumbs don’t get inside. Many users have complained about the keys locking up because of this on previous models.

An Apple patent that emerged earlier this year in March also suggested that the company had explored this method to improve dust resistance of the keyboard. The patent described that this “guard structure” would be instrumental in order to “funnel” contaminants such as dust and crumbs from the part of the keyboard which could eventually lock up. The membrane apparently doesn’t make contact with the base of the key even when it’s depressed as there’s a gasket between them.

This helps ensure that the membrane isn’t separated from the base even when the keyboard is being used. It’s also mentioned that the new keyboard is slightly quieter because of this new membrane as well.

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