There have been countless reports of issues with MacBook and MacBook Pro keyboards. Some have even filed lawsuits against the company. Apple has now admitted that the issue and launched a new repair program to address customers’ concerns. The company has admitted that there are problems with the “butterfly” mechanism of its recent MacBook and MacBook Pro laptops and it’s now offering extended service for four years after the original purchase date of the device.

The company mentions on the support page of its website that it has determined that a “small percentage” of keyboards in some MacBook and MacBook Pro models may exhibit letters or characters repeating unexpectedly, not appearing or keys feeling “sticky” and not responding in a consistent manner.

Those with eligible models will be able to get their keyboards serviced free of charge. The type of service will only be determined once the keyboard has been examined and in some cases it may involve the replacement of one or more keys or even the whole keyboard.

The list of eligible models is up on Apple’s website. The company does caution that this worldwide service program will not extend the standard warranty coverage offered with the eligible MacBook or MacBook Pro models.

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