The Nintendo Switch has been a hit for the company, and is certainly doing considerably better than the Wii U ever did. In fact back in April, Nintendo announced that they had managed to sell 17.8 million units to date which has surpassed the Wii U’s lifetime sales in much, much less time.


Now according to Nintendo’s latest financials (via Engadget), it appears that the company has managed to sell even more units since, bringing them to very close to 20 million units sold, or to be more specific, a total of 19.67 million units. While (almost) hitting the 20 million mark is an achievement, this is actually kind of a slowdown, but to be fair it is not the holiday season which might explain why sales aren’t as high as they could be.

Not to mention that there are still several major Nintendo Switch titles that have yet to be released. For example Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and the new Pokemon games won’t be launched until this November, so combine that with the holiday season shopping and we imagine that Nintendo should see a surge in sales around that time.

Nintendo had previously forecasted that they will are hoping to sell 20 million units between April 2018 to March 2019, which means that they will need to do a lot better than the recent figures if they’re hoping to hit that mark.

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