While Nintendo has provided creators with some templates and ideas on how to use its Labo kits, we’ve see how some creators have come up with some unique solutions. To that end, Nintendo also launched a Creators Contest to find the most creative uses of its Labo kits in which the winners of the contest have recently been announced.

The results are pretty amazing where creators have submitted all kinds of interesting and unique creations. For example one of the submissions to the contest that won was a Labo-inspired accordion. This is particularly interesting because its creator chose to use sunlight to help power the accordion, where holes punch into the cardboard that’s connected to the Joy-Con will let it read the amount of light that passes through, while the other Joy-Con is used to measure things like tilt and rotation.

Then there is also a Labo creation called “Tea Time” which lets players “fill” teapots to serve to customers in which players will be scored based on how happy customers are with their servings. Basically the game is about players managing their teapots, ensuring that there is enough tea in each pot to meet the demands of customers. These are all pretty creative ideas and we’re sure that over time there will be more that we can look forward to.

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