Samsung unveiled its massive 146 inch 4K MicroLED TV called The Wall at the Consumer Electronics Show 2018 earlier this year. It demonstrated the company’s new technology that promises improved image quality compared to OLED TVs. Samsung has now said that it’s going to release a consumer version of The Wall TV next year.

The consumer version of this TV is going to be much thinner. The Wall measures 80mm whereas the consumer version will come in at 30mm thick. It’s obviously meant for those who like to buy luxury TVs but the price may not be outrageous. Samsung Display president Han Jong-hee has said that “the price will not be as high as people think.”

The company positions its MicroLED technology as the successor to OLED. Even though its OLED displays for smartphones are legendary, Samsung decided against opting for this technology for TVs. It went in another direction with its quantum LED or QLED technology for TVs.

MicroLED TVs are similar to their OLED counterparts in that they don’t require a backlight since the pixels can emit their own. The contrast ratios are high and the power consumption is lower than conventional LEDs.

Samsung hasn’t confirmed as yet precisely when the consumer version of The Wall TV is going to be available for purchase and how much it’s going to cost.

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