Many online services are catering to users with less powerful devices with slimmed-down versions of their apps. Facebook’s Lite and Messenger Lite apps already have hundreds of millions of users across the globe. Uber launched a Lite app not too long ago and Instagram launched a Lite version just a few days back. Spotify is jumping on the bandwagon as well with its very own Lite app.

The Lite apps weigh much less than their full-fledged counterparts and consequently have fewer features which is especially true in Spotify’s case as many of the core features from the main app are missing in the Lite version.

Spotify Lite’s interface is similar to the main app but the similarities mostly end here. For starters, it doesn’t offer offline playback functionality while extreme quality playback and Spotify Connect are both missing. What’s odd is that the app doesn’t allow Premium subscribers to select the specific songs they want to listen to and it’s the same story in playlists as well.

Hopefully, Spotify Lite will be updated in the future with more features that make the app more useful for people who have actually been looking forward to the Lite version. Spotify Lite is now available for download from the Google Play Store.

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