Tesla has now enabled its Model 3 sedan to park itself. The company has confirmed that the “Summon” autonomous parking mode is rolling out now for the Model 3. Tesla Model 3 owners can use this mode to pull their car into and out of a parking spot. The feature can even control garage doors so the car can be taken out of the garage even while you’re in the kitchen having coffee.

Tesla has a habit of rolling out new features for its vehicles through over-the-air software updates and it’s now using this method to bring Summon to the Model 3. Owners will certainly not mind since the Tesla Model S and Model X cars got this feature last year. It can do all of the things mentioned above without requiring a driver behind the wheel.

Summon is actually part of Tesla’s “enhanced Autopilot” package that’s on the company’s upgrades list. When confirming the launch of Summon for the Model 3, Musk retweeted a video of Model 3 being summoned into a garage and pointed out that “no one is in the car or controlling remotely,” and that the “car is driving entirely by itself.”

The Tesla Model 3 is the company’s first mass-market electric car. It recently crossed its production goal for the Model 3 for the first time and now investors are anxious to see if Tesla can keep up the momentum.

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