Apple’s AirPods come with a case of its own. This case has been designed to not only keep your AirPods in place so you don’t lose them (assuming you don’t lose the case), but they also keep your AirPods charged. Now if you’re the type that likes to keep your gadgets in pristine condition, then maybe a case for the case might be worth considering.


In fact the folks at Twelve South have recently unveiled the AirSnap which will be a leather case designed to house your AirPods. Note that this is actually a case for the AirPods’ case, meaning that essentially you will be getting double protection, except in a more stylish look. The AirSnap will also feature a small cutout at the bottom that will let users plug a Lightning cable to charge the case, meaning that you’ll essentially never have to take it out.

There is also a little clip at the top that lets users hook the AirSnap onto something, such as a backpack, bag, belt loop, and so on so that you’ll have quick access to your AirPods whenever you need them. The AirSnap will be offered in three different finishes from a classic brown, to a classic black, to a blue-ish finish. It is priced at $30 and is available directly from Twelve South.

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