One of the drawbacks to live broadcasts is that sometimes things can happen that are least expected. We’ve seen many an instance in which a newscaster who is live on location can get heckled by the public or people who want their 15 minutes of fame, and live internet broadcasts are no different where there are some users who spam the comments with abusive things.

However it seems that Twitter has had enough of trolls leaving behind abusive comments on live Periscope broadcasts, and have since announced that they will be taking action by suspending users who are caught doing such things. According to Twitter, “Chatting on live video should be a safe experience both for broadcasters and viewers, so that everyone is empowered to join the conversation without fear of abuse.”

“Starting on August 10, we will also review and suspend accounts for repeatedly sending chats that violate our guidelines. If you are in a broadcast and see a chat that may violate our guidelines, please report it.” Twitter obviously can’t monitor everything and they have also asked that users report and vote on chats that they might consider to be abusive.

This is an improvement over the current system which only boots the user from one stream. That only means that the user can simply take their abusive comments and apply it to another stream, and so on.

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